Dr. Laura Hershey DC
4783 Pescadero Avenue
San Diego CA 92107
619 222 5299
Appointments available from 8 to 5.

"EFT is a very flexible emotional management method that can be used for just about everything.  I am using my version of EFT at my office. I have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more details.  The original version and complete training can be found at http://www.emofree.com"

Sessions cost $130 and last 90 minutes.

Know that during your sessions you will be held in unconditional positive regard. I have heard everything and am non-judgmental and unshockable.

Test Anxiety Relief Workshop

The Princeton Review
3262 Holiday Court
La Jolla   CA  92038

Cost: $250.00

When you perform much better on your homework than on standardized tests, you know this workshop is for you. Together, we'll dispel the unhelpful emotions that get in the way of you showing off how well prepared you are for your upcoming exam. Insomnia, racing heart, sweaty palms, going blank, and inability to focus, are some of the history you can look forward to losing in our workshop.
Julie S. who attended the September 2009 Test Anxiety Relief seminar says, "I had taken the LSAT several times. I was always scoring in the 130s. I need to do better than that to get into my dream law school. I took the Princeton Review class, where I had several practice tests, always in the 130s. Then I took Dr. Hershey's class. In 3 hours, I removed the emotional charge on several aspects of my standardized test taking challenges. Feeling like there could not be enough time, seeing others' pencils busy when I am stuck, feeling like I can't give up on a question that I have already spent a lot of time rereading without understanding, plus the addressing of several other issues, let me score 159 on my following practice LSAT. I am confident I'll do just fine on my December <for real> LSAT.
Sharon L. came to the October 2009 Test Anxiety Relief seminar. She found that her Test Anxiety was larger than just pure anxiety about a testing situation. So we started where she was feeling the need to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect student, the need to practically memorize her assignments, rather than reading them twice and moving on to the next assignment. Accepting herself and her opinions that are different from other people's opinions, tapping into her inner strength and finding the confidence to focus on a new way of preparing and taking exams.
Some students, like Julie, are ready to dive right into what are the particular test-related issues that are challenging her. Other students, like Sharon need to address other, more global issues, like perfectionism, before delving into the nitty gritty of test taking anxiety. Both types of students benefit from the use of EFT for test anxiety relief.
People are not the only ones who can respond well to EFT tapping. Animals can gain relief from emotional stress  through EFT, too. Car sickness, potty training, and separation anxiety are examples of animal emotional issues that can be addressed through EFT.

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